Friday, November 3, 2017

Some thoughts on professional portraiture quality and service...

These days there are more photographers around than ever, all trying to make you their client. Now with the times being the way they are, many people choose a photographer based on price, and I can totally understand that. As a professional photographer supporting my family though, I can't afford to compete on price. So I have to deliver what some other photographers either aren't capable of, or don't have the time to do. A lot of that value comes in how I help clients plan their session ahead of time in terms of location, clothing and timing. At their ordering session, I take the time to help them narrow down the many choices, by pointing out small details that they often don't notice. Then I help them choose the products that best fit their need and budget, whether it be large wall portraits to fill their walls, albums to cherish forever, smaller prints for gifts and desktops, or digital files to allow them to print and share at will. If they're looking for a wall portrait, I have software that I can use to show them exactly how any size of their own portraits will look on their very own walls! I can also provide a personalized app from their session that allows clients and their loved ones to mount the app on their phone or tablet.

Of course, more than anything, I strive to create images that really wow my clients. All good photography starts with good lighting, but that's just the beginning. As a photographer, I'm often imagining what I can do with a well lit, well composed photograph after I've taken it. With years of training in photoshop, I'm able to create more than just a pretty picture. Not every image requires the kind of advanced photoshop techniques you'll see below, but I hope they'll show you what I am capable of.
As winter is approaching, and most of my portrait work will be done in studio, I'm attaching some before and after studio photographs that illustrate what I can do. And yes, this kind of time intensive work does cost more than most semi-professional photographers charge, but for those that appreciate high quality photography, and editing, I think you'll appreciate the differences. Contact me today to discuss your custom studio portrait photography experience. My studio is in Fort Erie, Ontario and my clients come from throughout the Niagara Region and southern Ontario.
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From the camera vs after editing. Click on each image to really see the detailed work I've done to make these images the best they can be.

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