Monday, December 4, 2017

Looking for models to update my portfolio

Portfolio building child model call for my Fort Erie studio.

Are people often telling you that your kid could be a model? If so, they might be a good fit for this experience.

I’m really looking forward to trying out some lighting ideas and enhance my portfolio with stunning, new images. Winter is always a very slow time for my business, so I hope to keep busy while improving my studio skills.

Over the last few years I’ve narrowed down the type of photography that I do, in order to concentrate on what I enjoy and excel at. I no longer book weddings, events or newborns. What I really love to do is photograph individuals, and try to capture their own unique character. It is my goal to become the #1 portrait photographer in the Niagara Region, especially of kids. To that end, I’ve been successfully working on my website SEO, but I want more outstanding images to keep viewers on my site.

I’m not interested in just shooting pretty pictures in casual wear. I want to create images that truly stand out from the endless competition in this industry. Wardrobe is one of the vital keys to creating unique portraits. I will chose participants for these sessions based in part on the clothing they’re able to bring for the session. The more unique the better! For example, here are some possible options:

*athlete in uniform (gymnastics, football, equestrian, martial arts, etc.)
*high fashion or prom dress/tuxedo
*vintage clothing and hats
*hip hop 
*wild hair and makeup
*whatever weird and wonderful idea you have!


One girl or one boy. Ages 5-18 years old. If they’re on the younger end of that range, they still need to be comfortable and cooperative in front of the camera.

In addition to suitable clothing, the participants must be genuinely excited to participate and are able to follow simple instructions. Whether they can smile naturally at will is not important, as I love neutral expressions for portraits of kids, but they absolutely must want to be there for this experience.

These sessions are for me, to expand my portfolio, so all creative decisions will be based on what I want or need for the session. If you specifically want pretty pictures with big smiles, then you’re welcome to book a paid session and I’ll do whatever kind of photos you would like.

The session is free, but that’s it. Parents do not receive any images for free (though I will offer digital files at a discount).

Date and times must be booked in advance. If something comes up and you need to postpone, please provide at least 24 hours notice.

A parent will be required to sign a model release form giving me permission to use the images for promotional and advertising use and contests.
You must ‘like’ my Facebook business page.

We must be or become Facebook friends.

You will be encouraged to write a Google review about your experience.

Any images that I post from the session will be watermarked. I can share them to your page if you like, but you do not have permission to download any of the images unless you purchase them.

I will plan the lighting style, background and overall goal of each session according to my own creative vision. There is no way of knowing how many (if any) images will merit inclusion in my portfolio. It could be zero or it could be a few. If you would like to see all the proofs from the session, you’re welcome to book an appointment to view them, but they will not be available for online viewing. Booking an appointment is the only way for you to see all the proofs.

You will not be allowed to take your own photographs during the session. 

While nothing but the session is free, I greatly appreciate the participation of the child and parent(s) who will be involved. So I will offer a large discount on my digital file prices for these creative sessions.
One full resolution, fully edited digital file with permission to print and post  - $25 (regularly $50)
Ten full resolution, fully edited digital files with permission to print and post - $200 (regularly $350)

Naturally I would hope that a lot of parents won’t be able resist buying some images as I do have to feed my family and keep the lights on but.. once again, you do not have to purchase anything at all, but you do not get any images for free and any images posted online by me, belong to me and cannot be copied, downloaded or reproduced in any way unless that image has been purchased.

That’s a lot of information and I hope you’ve read and understood it all. If there’s anything you’re unsure of, just ask. Your questions will help me refine this lengthy text. If you would like your child to be considered for this, I’d prefer that you email me as it’s much easier to keep emails organized than Facebook messages. 

My email address is:

My studio is at 2077 Stevensville Rd., in Fort Erie. Just a few minutes from the QEW.

Please include your name, child’s name, age, the type of wardrobe you’re thinking about for the session and a photo of your child (if I haven't photographed them before). Also a general idea of availability would be useful.

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